Ever met a couple and you just know… Just know they were meant to be? Well when I sat down for my coffee date with Aaron and Brooklyn and I saw how they looked at each other, it couldn’t have been more valid. These two just, perfect!

I just need to back track a minute here though. When I got the inquiry from Brooklyn, I was jumping for joy… You want to know why? She finished off her inquiry by saying, “ I absolutely love your style and I’ve been following you for a while.” These are the sweetest words that any photographer can hear! In that moment I felt even more confident because Brooklyn has been a part of my journey on social media and loves what I produce. I always encourage my clients to take some time before deciding if they want to invest in me. As I was saying that in our meeting Aaron stopped me and said, “ We don’t need time Brooklyn loves you so you are hired.” I just giggle every time I think of that moment.

BACK to THEIR love story… Brooklyn and Aaron first while playing baseball. Aaron had his eye on Brooklyn for a while and eventually asked her out on a date. Their first date was a walk through fish creek and then ended with a dinner at Browns social house! They were both hooked after that! Many dates followed and after about a year together while Brooklyn was folding some laundry Aaron popped the question! Definitely caught her off guard! 

I cannot wait for the wedding this coming July! They are planning an outdoor wedding with blush, white and greenery! I mean these two are speaking my photography love language!

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“I walked into the coffee shop and saw Tianah and knew I just had to meet her!”

Something I get to do with all my potential clients is to take them out for starbucks (yumm) and hear about their love story! For Joshua and Tianah it seemed like they were just meant to be…

Growing up they went to the same camp and Tianah remembers throwing rocks at the boys and Josh remembers being the one on the receiving end of it. Their church distrct does a camp every year and one year Tianah (seriously so beautiful) caught Josh’s eye. Through some thorough facebook and instagram investigating Josh finally connected with Tianah. The rest is basically history. They both fell for each other, because they really are beautiful people and suit each other so well!

Tianah came up to Fort Saint John for Christmas and as she was walking into the airport Josh was there guitar in hand singing. He was accompanied by his friends and family holding twinkly lights, I mean… What an amazing way to set the atmosphere. He got down on one knee and asked. Can you guess what she said?? 🙂 

On our engagement session date the weather was a balmy -33… Yeah it was fun! I was able to dress for the weather but Joshua and Tianah wanted to look good and that doesn’t usually mean fluffy coats and hats! They were such sports! Cold, yes, but we got a little bit of time together before we all  became human popsicle and had to call it quits! 

I am so looking forward to your outdoor wedding in May you two!! <3

PS Yes her hair is all hers and its AMAZING!

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