Can you guess how these two started their relationship? I’ll give you a hint, tweet, tweet. Did you guess it? Yup, I bet you did, or maybe not, but the answer is Twitter! I was really surprised by that when they told me! I never would have thought that would be a place to meet your spouse but I bet you they aren’t the only ones out there! Watching what each other were tweeting captivated both of their attentions and the rest is history!

Andrew and Jessalyn did long distance from Grande Prairie to Fort St. John for a couple years and then an opportunity came up for Andrew to move to Fort St. John and he took it! I mean why wouldn’t he want to move closer to the women he loved?! The night that Andrew was planning on asking Jessalyn to marry him, Ashley, Jessi’s, sister had her book launch and everyone was helping set up. Jessalyn noticed that Andrew was acting a bit peculiar. After the book launch they went for a walk to where they had their first date. They sat down on a bench that looks over Fort St. John and Andrew asked her to marry him, with excitement Jessalyn said yes!

Andrew and Jessalyn are a special couple for me because Jessalyn’s sister was also a wedding client of mine and was one of the reasons I fell in love with wedding photography! Being able to shoot different siblings weddings is a HUGE treat for me because I not only get to build a relationship with the couple but also with the family. Andrew and Jessalyn, I am so excited to join you on this planning journey and so honoured to be the one capturing your wedding day!   

Photo ofAndrew & Jessalyn
Andrew & Jessalyn
Hope Linzee Photography

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