The sun was beating down on Brett and Kayla as they were walking hand in hand on the beach in Mexico. Brett looked over at Kayla and knew it was the right time to pop the question after being in love with Kayla for over 7 years. Although Kayla and her friends had a bit too much fun the night before and Brett wasn’t super impressed with her, he knew it was the right time. As they walked, and were getting quite hot, they saw a vacation rental with a cabana that wasn’t being used with a cabana and thought, why not? They went and sat down and Brett looked over at Kayla and told her he loved her, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She looked over and he was down on one knee. She was taken aback at first but then, it all became real and she said yes!

Brett and Kayla caught each others eye the summer of grade 9 at the Teepee Creek rodeo. Sitting just a couple stands away from each other Kayla looked over and saw Brett and thought, hey he’s kinda cute. Little did she know that later on Brett thought the same thing. They spent most of highschool just hanging out with each other camping and quading with their friends on the weekends. They decided that after flirting for so many years that is was time to make things official and Brett asked Kayla to be his girlfriend. They have been together for longer than I have been married and you can clearly tell they they are so in love! 

Kayla and Brett are getting married August 2020 in Teepee Creek, where Brett grew up, and I cannot wait to capture their special day!  

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