All the laughs were settling when the mother of the groom started to talk again. She said she had found a toast that she felt fit Josh and Tianah, “May your love be modern enough to survive the times and be old fashioned enough to survive forever.”

Josh and Tianah are one of those couples where everyone knew it was meant to be, and when you see them together you can see why! A lot of you may be thinking, they look so young! Yes, you are right, 19 years old and saying “I do.” I was one of those too so I guess I’m a little bit biased but I think it is more fun growing up with someone by your side than “figuring it out” on your own. These two can grow old and probably see their 60th wedding anniversary, I love that kind of love!

J&T decided to get married in the backyard of Josh’s parents house. Prayers were definitely answered on my part because the cloud cover was absolute perfection all morning and afternoon. Covid made their guest list go down quite a bit but you could tell the people attending truly loved and supported them.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the audience when Tianah walked down the aisle, including me. Seeing Josh’s reaction touched everyone, he was in awe. They did a celtic binding ceremony as well as a parents prayer. I love those special touches couples include in their ceremony. 

We went on a little adventure to get to the portrait location. By adventure I mean head hitting the ceiling of the truck, mud bogging. There were so many laughs as well as screams but Josh knew how to handle the road being the country boy he is. The location was definitely worth every bit of the journey out. The view was the best in all of Fort St. John. We could see rain clouds rolling in so I had to work fast! We all got wet but J & T were totally fine with it and I was so thankful because we got some pretty amazing photos.

The rest of the evening was full of seriously good food, entertaining speeches and dessert that I had trouble stopping eating. 

Josh & Tianah, I am so happy our paths crossed. I truly believe God had His hand in you choosing me to do your photos. Your wedding was one that I will always remember and laugh about. Looking forward to seeing how God uses you two to change the world <3

Flowers: Flower Hut

Brides Dress: Latter Day Bride

Bridesmaid Dress: Shein

Suits: Crooked Corner

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Courtney walked up behind Nathan. I looked at them and said, “are you guys ready?” They both nodded. On three Nathan turned around to see his beautiful bride to be. Tears welled up in his eyes,” you look beautiful, I love you so much.” This was the cutest first look I have witnessed. Nathan was overwhelmed with excitement and joy and just kept saying I love you to Courtney.

The Sun was shinning when I arrived at Courtney’s house in the morning. The bridesmaids were all getting their hair and make up done and I snuck outside to take my detail shots. They were all laughing and having a good time inside, I love hearing morning of chatter. Once Courtney had her dress on we did a quick first look with the ladies and then we were on our way to the ceremony location.

The drive took about an hour but it was where Nathan grew up and it meant a lot for them to get married out there. There was more sky than there was land, it felt like the prairies. I could see some looming rain clouds on the horizon and was crossing my fingers it wouldn’t hit us.

After the first look we did all the portraits with the bridal party. We had to take break because well, the rain came… This was my first time doing all the portraits before the ceremony and it was amazing. Each couple is different, N&C said they wanted to do a first look so I asked if they would be up for doing portraits before the ceremony and they said yes! This gave us more time for photos and more time for family after the ceremony. I feel like there was less pressure on everyone to do photos before.

After the ceremony dinner was a BBQ and everyone was relaxed and enjoyed time together!

Thank you N&C for choosing me to capture your day! I am so happy for the both of you and enjoyed every moment of it. I am looking forward t seeing you two grow together fall even more in love with each other as time passes <3

Hair: Danielle with the Hair Bin

Make Up: Antonela with the Hair Bin

Flowers: The Flower Hut

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