Okay, yes, I used the word investment and, yes, I think it is important to INVEST in photography. Let me stop that thought in your brain that is saying, “well you’re a photographer so that’s easy, you can just get deals with friends or take your own photos.” Can I de-bunk that myth right away and say that I do invest in photography, yearly. Also, have you ever tried to do a self timer with a 2 year old and a 1 year old? Might as well just get a Picasso painting and put it up because that shot is going to be a whole new kind of abstract! I need to remind you also that I am a human that still has bills to pay and isn’t living anything near to a lavish life and I struggle looking at prices and paying what photographers are asking for. I also question, “Is it REALLY worth it? I could just get a family member to take a picture for me.”

There are so many reasons why it is important to invest in photography for even the little things. I know you probably have your reasons why you don’t think it’s important but can I ask you to take a few minutes to hear me out and not write me off? Here are a couple thoughts on why it is important.

When did you get so big?!

Note** don’t say this to a pregnant woman if you like your face 😉

Okay this one is more tuned to family shoots but it can also apply to everyone. Let me also stop you there because you immediately went to the waist line but it can mean something else entirely. For children yes, they grow and they grow fast. I had no idea that they did until I had my own and could see it happening. I always say that time got WAY MORE REAL when I had kids because one year can bring about so much change in a little person’s life physically.  Big changes can happen in your life and documenting where you are in the year at that moment can always be an encouragement to look back on!

Feeling cute, GOING to print later

Okay guys, lets have an honest moment here. Half of the reason why you want to get professional photos done is that you need a new profile pic, Y’ALL know I do – it’s been a year since our last photoshoot and it is still up! (I’m not American but let me live a little) To dig a little deeper, but not really that deep, why do we choose specific photos to be on our profile? BECAUSE WE LOOK GOOD. I know you are probably thinking I got a PhD in psychology with that statement but we honestly love showing our best selves off. If you are investing in photography I am going to assume that you are going to think through what you are going to wear, what your hair is going to look like and if that foundation looks natural or not. You will probably look so good that you will also want to print those photos and put them up in your house! WOAH, not only a photo shoot but also an excuse to go find a cute frame from Winners (your welcome).

The photographer usually isn’t family

Why would this matter? It actually matters A LOT! I know some of you may have photographers in your family and do get them to take photos but here are some reasons why I wouldn’t hire family. One of the major reasons is that they don’t know you and are going to be completely professional in the relationship. You are paying them, and they will produce the images that you PAID for and they will do it well. I find that having no strings attached is huge when it comes to the photography world. Now don’t get me wrong, most of my clients are basically my besties after a session but it’s a different kind of relationship. Can I also be honest for a sec? If you are asking family to take photos of a major event, they are missing out on that moment. I know in the word today everyone has a phone in their back pocket and can take photos but let’s be honest are they actually focusing on what is happening or are they focusing on how good the photo looks on their screen? Hiring someone to take photos of you that is not family allows you to have a stress-free environment to be how you are in front of the camera with the only expectation being on the photographer

Moments don’t last but pictures do

We all know that nothing truly lasts forever, but there is one thing that does stand the test of the ages that people will hold on to and that is photos. When I think of the future and I have my 10 grand kids, yes, I am dreaming big, I want to be able to show them what their parents looked like growing up and how I didn’t always have white hair (I plan on rocking a gramma fro) and wrinkles. They will be able too look back and see their parents at their age and giggle at how they think they look so different. I currently have photos of my family hanging in my house because I think it is a good reminder to remember where it all started and what I am most thankful for! My marriage, and my two beautiful children that are a product of that. The moments will always be changing so why wait to capture them?

If you are on the edge of wanting to book a session with me feel free to email me with all your questions! I am happy to help you and serve you well! Send me a message at hopelinzeephotography@gmail.com

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It has been a couple weeks now since we celebrated the new year. I have been reflecting and thinking of writing a post about my top moments and the “good feels” but I thought I would take a few minutes to be honest about this past year and how it has stretched me and challenged me as a photographer, wife and mom.

In my town, Fort St. John, it is not unusual to get married around 20 and have kids around 22; some of your jaws are dropping right now so feel free to close them. Why would I start with that you might ask? Because that is me! I know half the people that are reading this would think that is bonkers and the other half are probably fellow mamas, I love you both! Being a wife and mom are first and second in my life and being a photographer is third. This past year though, it came first a lot. It is one of my pitfalls that I must admit to. I am the personality type that has a really hard time saying no. I love serving people and seeing growth in my business. It is so hard in this generation with social media and ad marketing, not feeling like you are lesser than all the others out there. I can honestly say this year I have never felt so much pressure to be constantly booking sessions as well as constantly posting on social media. That seems to be the measuring stick for success in this day and age. Your Instagram must be filled with photos with at least 100 likes to feel like your someone. Also, your follower number must be way up there because I mean, your no one with a small follower base. I found myself checking these things on the daily and stressing about it. How could I be a wife and mom as well as work basically a full-time job. Recently I have been talking with lots of moms that are questioning how it is possible to do it all; have a business, have a healthy marriage and be a present parent, I mean there are tons of them on Instagram! Can I be honest? Like, really honest? I have had so many moments this year of questioning why I don’t have over 1000 followers as well as am I even good at what I do because my weekends aren’t always full? I busted my butt this past year trying to achieve something that wasn’t planned for me to achieve. God works in mysterious ways and He knows I am a fighter and will bring me through hardship till I am exhausted. After a year of pushing and striving because I wanted to be the best, I was there, exhausted.

You are probably thinking, okay Hope, what is the one thing you learned because there seems to be a lot going on here. This is it, my BIGGEST lesson that I have learnt this year is, it’s OKAY to GROW SLOW. I don’t think you guys heard that, it’s okay, to grow slow. Honestly this is a really hard thing for me to say and do but can you hold me to it? My goal this year is still to grow but slow it down. This last year I tripled my income and that is a huge success for me, but things were affected by it. That is why I am saying I need to slow down. I need to get some sleep. I need to spend more time with friends and discipling others. I don’t want to be money hungry I want to be hungry for a healthy marriage and family. If you are a mom and/or a small business owner can I just say, I hear you and I feel your stress. We want so badly to beat the competition and to be on the top. But it is okay to take a step back and slow it down. It will come, it might take a bit longer to get to those goals, but you’ll get there. Let’s all take a step back and thankful for the growth that has happened and move forward knowing that it’s okay, it’s okay to grow slow.

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