The chemistry started for Jon and Kirstyn when they were at a St. Patricks Day party with mutual friends. After chatting with each other for awhile, their friends noticed and were trying to get them set up within the hour. They exchanged phone numbers and then kept in contact. Jon was clearly interested in Kirstyn because while he was down in Costa Rica, shortly after the party, he found out she liked collecting journals and bought one for her. After returning from his trip they went out for lunch and he gave her the journal. She was taken aback by the gesture and opened it to find that it was actually a day planner. They both laughed but Jon was definitely slightly disappointed. It just goes to show you how excited he was to buy it for her that he didn’t think to look inside. After that they kept meeting for dates and realized how perfect they were for each other and fell in love. 

Jon persuaded Kirstyn to take a trip with just them up to Liard Hot Springs last October, little did she know what was coming… To give you a little bit of reference about how Jon proposed, Kirstyn loves the Pirates of the Caribbean, and one of the things she said early in the relationship was that Jon needed to be okay with a pirate themed wedding. So, as they were relaxing in the hot springs one evening, Jon floated a Captain Morgan bottle over to Kirstyn with a message inside for her. After she read the message she looked up and there was Jon on one knee. She hopped out and put the ring on. Jon asked if Kirstyn liked it, and provided that it was the evening and dark out, Kirstyn graciously said, “Yes, I love it! I can’t wait to see what it looks like!”

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