Have you ever heard the saying opposites attract? Well that saying couldn’t be truer for this couple. Musical theater, English teacher meets math and physics teacher and who knew it would be love! Nadine and Torben’s love story starts in North Peace Secondary’s school hallways. I know what you are all thinking, AWE, high school sweethearts! Let me just stop you there – they are, but with a twist. They are both high school teachers who met working together! I will totally call them high school sweethearts regardless of what the saying might imply! These two had been on hall monitoring duty together too many times to not want to hang out more outside of the school; little did they know they would fall in love.
Nadine is a woman of action and was the one to propose to Torben! Torben had a couple health scares this last year and Nadine didn’t want to wait any longer for Torben to propose so she did it! Nadine has the sweetest little boy who dressed up and went to Torben one evening and wrote on a sign saying, “will you marry my mommy?” It was all to Torben’s surprise but Nadine was so ready to say forever to him sooner than later! Torben says he was going to propose this summer but I guess we will never know!

Nadine and Torben have dreamed up an outdoor wedding surrounded by friends and family. I am always so happy when couples incorporate their love for the outdoors into their wedding day. For Torben and Nadine being outside and adventuring is a huge part of who they are! Whether it is surfing the waves in Tofino or enjoying  the sun on their face, or exploring the Kiskatinaw river, being outside is one place they are happy. Nadine and Torben, thank you so much for trusting me with one of the most important days of your lives! I am not only looking forward to the planning process with you two but also growing in friendship!

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