Josiah with his brother, best friend and Lidia trekked their way through Wind river mountain range to find little lakes that had amazing views and even more amazing fishing. Outdoors, is where Josiah had always felt at home and couldn’t believe that he had found a girl that shared that same love. At one point in the trip, while Lidia was taking on a solo scramble, his friend leaned back and said to him, “I wish I could find a girl like that.”Josiah could not have been any more in love with her than any moment, he knew he was the luckiest guy in the world. It had been a couple days of hiking in the and 11,000 ft. before Josiah made the decision that the little lake that they camped by was the perfect spot to ask Lidia to be his forever adventure buddy.

Josiah and Lidia met in optometry school in Oregon. Lidia caught Josiah’s eye, but he wanted to wait and get to know her more before his feelings were truly revealed. It was the end of a semester and one of their professors invited the whole class over to celebrate. Lidia was leaving for Nicaragua in the morning and didn’t totally fell up for a party, so Josiah and Lidia decided to spend some time together. They had a long evening of talking about some deep topics! This was the evening that Josiah’s feelings for Lidia were confirmed, she was more than he could have ask for. They felt so comfortable with each other and could talk endlessly and still never want to leave each others company. That night they became official boyfriend and girlfriend!

After the trip Lidia came back and they were off to Alaska to begin doing the clinical hours to finish up school. They were both indifferent parts of Alaska so the long distance was hard for them, but when they were together, they would always find some mountain to climb. They continued their clinical hours throughout the states and finally graduated this past May.In July Josiah proposed by self named “Little Lidia” Lake and their wedding date is coming up this July!

Josiah and Lidia, I am SO excited that I met you two and you chose me to be your photographer. I could not have happened upon a greater couple! Your love for each other and the outdoors is so evident! I had so much fun taking your engagement photos and adventuring with you two! Looking forward to many more with you guys!

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