It is my joy to work with couples who just put a ring on it - please send me a pic - and are ready to start planning their dream wedding day! I am there throughout the whole process to help plan and capture that pinterest worthy, BEST DAY EVER.

I also serve families... Well, mommas, because we are the ones who are wanting the photos, to remember ALL THESE crazy moments forever!

My mornings start with coffee ON. Courtesy of my husband who knows I need ALL the coffee to function, then chasing my tiny humans. Also, making sure I get outside with friends or visiting with them over coffee… yes lots of coffee, always. 

Afternoons are where the magic happens… No, not that kind of magic (in my husbands dreams). This is when I have a couple hours to myself to put my boss lady pants on and GET TO WORK.

And then evenings are when I spend time with my family. Which includes convincing my children that food is actually a necessity in life... Then my babies are tucked in, and I do a happy dance because HOLY, managing all the things is crazy and I deserve a little nonsense.

I still genuinely can’t believe I am a photographer and get to serve amazing clients like YOU, wink wink.

I'm Hope

oh hey there,

When I shot my first wedding I had no idea what I was doing….
I mean we all gotta start somewhere.
I know how important it is to connect with my clients and equip them well, so they can have an unforgettable, joy filled, day.

Connecting with people is my thing, making someone comfortable and aware of how great they are is #1! I am cool as a cucumber in stressful environments and love giving direction so that others don’t have to. 

I will always look out for what is best for my clients, from fixing that pesky piece of hair, to helping you plan so that you have TIME to be PRESENT with your friends and family. 

My favorite thing about my job is that first off, I get to be with you on one of the BEST days of YOUR life (insert happy dance… I do a lot of dancing too). And I also get to be a friend that cares and equips you to enjoy the WHOLE day. 

Joanna Gains is my spirit animal

I love water and would swim in the ocean everyday if I could

White is my favorite colour, I swear its a colour!

I cry in every Disney movie I watch

When I was little I wanted my name to be Jasmine

I love hiking but I am terrified of getting eaten by bears

I could eat eggs beni every day

My mother turned down Arnold Schwarzenegger

Blonde vanilla lattes are my go to!

I dream of owning a horse one day and riding every day!

from only looking at my photos

what you don't know

Can I just say, I have attended and captured A LOT of weddings and know how important it is to plan and be prepared for ALL the things!

- Having premade (suggested) timelines
- Sending you style guides
- Going for coffee dates
- *May also include* A couple happy dances and A LOT of excitement when going over wedding details... 

These are just a few of my favorite things that my seriously amazing clients get to experience when hiring me.

My mission is for you to be present and stress free on your wedding day. I can’t wait to make that happen for you, my friend! We would be friends if you like to go adventuring, whether it’s up a mountain or in a cute new town. We are TOTALLY GOING TO JIVE if you love pretty details and also love Joanna Gaines… because well, she is amazing, why can’t I be her? If you are feeling like you’re ready to be footloose and fancy free on your wedding day AND you want to start the most stress free part of your planning.

click HERE and let me show you what I do best and connect!

I cannot wait to meet you… and see your ring!


-Overall wedding day planning 
-Sun light intentional timelines 
-Style guides
-Dance choreography …. (jk, that would be awkward, but I do do interpretive)

Let’s be honest, I can’t not do something silly when a camera is pointed at me… I’m still kinda awkward when I am getting my picture taken… That’s why I stay behind the camera and equip my clients for the best experience.


the portrait experience

the wedding experience