So you are engaged! 


I remember not being able to stop looking at the ring on my finger and thinking “ is this real? Do I actually get to marry the man of my dreams?” 

I was so excited and wanted everyone to know.  It was bliss!

But then, 

We had to plan the wedding…

I opened my laptop and didn’t know where to begin. I was getting married in Kamloops, BC so there were A LOT of options. 

I am the type of person that shuts down when I see something so overwhelming because my brain is like, nope!


It is so important to get the ball rolling right away and as early as possible. To help with the overwhelming feeling take wedding planning in small bites, you don’t have to do it all at once.

Here are my go-to tips on where to start planning your wedding.


Booking your wedding should be on the tip top of your list! There might be a date that you like but if you venue is already booked it unfortunately won’t happen on the day you want. If you are getting married at a venue that doesn’t require booking, like a family farm or your backyard, then you are home free! You can move onto the next point! If you are looking for some recommendations in Fort St. John I have made a wedding directory where you can view all of FSJ’s services. Check it out HERE!


YUP! Food and photos are your next go-to thing. Being a photographer I book a year to 2 years out! If you are looking for tips on how to find your perfect wedding photographer make sure you visit THIS blog I wrote! Also head to my wedding page on my website to see my work! I would love to sere you and your fiance!! As for catering they are the same. They book up pretty fast as they are the next big need at a wedding! 


Once your venue is booked and you have secured food and someone to capture that best day EVER, next on your list is figuring your guest list and who you want to invite. People need lots of notice so even sending out a save the date and then a formal invitation is one way you could do it! Some other bookings you will want to get locked in are make up artist, hairdresser, flowers and wedding dress!


Your timeline for the day is really important! I am a huge advocate for planning. It helps your creative team know what to expect and also the rest of your family and friends. Just rolling with the flow might seem to be the more chill way to go but honestly on the day it isn’t! If you are needing a timeline example I would be happy to share mine with you, just head over to the CONTACT PAGE and send me a quick email and I’ll get it to you! Since you have your venue booked you can now start planning your decor! Pinterest board ASSEMBLE!

Figuring out wedding planning can be tough BUT you can do it! Honestly! If you are in a bind, feel free to contact me! I have been in the industry for quite a while and I know a few things! I always want brides to be able to be present in the engagement and enjoy this short season of life and not be overwhelmed <3

Happy Planning Girl!!

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Calling all mommas and mommas to be! Thinking about getting maternity photos done? A little hesitant about getting them done because you don’t know what to wear? During both of my pregnancies I gained 50+lbs and was convinced that I didn’t want photos of me at that time, BUT now I am really kicking myself. I wish I could have something to look back and remember those 9 short months. I created this short guide to help YOU momma, because I want you to remember this time that only comes a couple times in our lives 

Dress it Up

You want me to wear a what? A dress? YES! Honestly, I know your most comfy sweatpants and sweater are your go to right now, but let’s put those down for a sec and let the camera remind you of how BEAUTIFUL you are. I know in the last month of pregnancy you are not feeling like a million bucks, but momma you deserve to feel like it! There is a HUGE difference when a mom invests in a dress compared to the comfy option. Dresses flatter everyBODY yup, body. You can find really affordable options on amazon and you won’t regret it. Now, here is the kicker. Do you think you can get your man to join in? When your man joins in the photos go from oh,nice to WOAH! Dress pants and a layered sweater make all the difference.

Adding the Extra Details

What is an extra detail? You know that ultrasound photo you have on the fridge or maybe that flower crown you have always dreamed about wearing? Well NOW is the time. Don’t be afraid to make a statement, girl. No one will question you, they will just admire you. Do you have little booties, I mean what is it about tiny shoes that get me every time, or a onesie you can’t wait to put on that babe? Bring it, these are the things that help tell the story of your new addition.

Go Pro

Hair and makeup, go pro! I find that this is the ONE THING that gets neglected in most of my photo sessions. Getting professional hair and makeup done is VERY important in the outcome of the photos. Can I be honest with you? I get my makeup done EVERY time I get photos done of myself. Why do brides look AMAZING on their wedding days? Well the dress… but also the makeup and hair. It completes the look. If you are a wizard with one or both, (which I have clients that are), then please YES. Go for it! IF you are more like me and were never taught or are just not confident, then I’d say ask for help! There are also FREE options like my girl Katie (Fort St. John) with Mary Kay. She will come to you, or go into Shoppers and they will give you a makeover with a purchase. 


Babies only take 9 short months to grow… feels like a lifetime… BUT if you think about it, it really is such a short period compared to their WHOLE life. There aren’t very many occasions I can put on a flowy gown and flower crown anymore. I now think of my daughter and when she will be pregnant and how few photos she will have of me. I was always curious to know what it was like for my mom, and honestly if she gained as much weight as me… Planning ahead is SO important! You never know if baby is coming early so getting your photos about a month and a half before you are due is a good time. That means ordering your dress and extra details for the shoot ahead of time to make sure everything fits!

Can I just say you are a SUPERHERO! Growing a human is no joke… hard. Maybe you have had an easier pregnancy, maybe you have been waiting for this tiny human for what seems like a lifetime. Why not celebrate it and have something that you can always look back and smile at. Plus you kids will be like, “Woah Mom, that’s you?!”

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