“Okay Ladies, I want you to turn with your right shoulder back on 3, 1,2,3” They all turned around to see Jessalyn in her wedding gown and they all had their breath taken away. “Why don’t you do a spin for them, Jessi” I said. “Doesn’t she look like Cinderella?!” Jessalyn then went on to explain how when she was looking at dresses and put hers on the lady explained that it was part of a disney collection and happened to be “the Cinderella dress.” Jessalyn knew at that moment that that was her dress. Cinderella was her favorite disney princess and wanted to walk down the aisle to her prince charming in the Cinderella dress.

The ladies were all giggles and dress swishing at Jessalyn’s house and the guys did their getting ready at the church and had Hilliary Brown (Brown Photos), the second shooter, laughing with them. Wedding mornings like this are my favorite, all laughter and excitement. There is always stress but the way these two handled it was amazing. When I arrived at the church, Andrew & Jessalyn had everything decorated in emerald green and purple, colours of royalty. Everything was simply decorated, but it was perfect for Andrew & Jessi. 

After the ceremony we endured the Fort St. John wind and did the portraits with the bridal party. There was a mid way pizza stop and also a pump up phrase of “mighty women of the north” when the ladies were doing photos in their dresses. It was cold… not going to lie. This bridal party was such a blast though, they made the time super enjoyable.

Andrew and Jessalyn had a travel theme for their reception. I am not going to lie this was my favorite reception theme all summer. Each table was a different city and the guest had to find their table on a map, so cool! They also had a chip bar… so you could fill up on chips at any point of the evening… umm my table was right next to it. Went back for more than seconds let’s be honest 😉 A & J’s evening was filled with laughter and love, not only for each other but the love others had for them. The evening ended with a dance party and I enjoyed a couple extra minutes just watching and smiling because it was my last wedding of the year. 

Andrew and Jessi, you two are amazing <3 Thank you for taking my advice and running with it and being organized. You day was an absolute fairy tale. I wish you both the best through everything and make sure to let Twitter know they can just shut it down now that you are married 🙂

Florist: Flower Hut

Brides Dress: Tres Chich

Second Shooter: Brown Photos

Lashes: Lash by Lash

Ceremony Venue: Alliance Church

Reception Venue: Evangel Chapel

Cake & Cupcakes: Cass’s Kitchen

Flower Girl Dresses: Captivating Designs by Sandee

Invitations: Vista Print

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