Just got engaged (insert happy dance)!? Starting to plan a wedding? Have you been looking at instagram and pinterest dreaming of light and airy photos that you cannot wait to spam on your social media? Can I let you in on a secret?? How you plan your wedding has a huge impact on how your images look. That ANY bride can achieve THE light and airy look with proper planning. Here are all the deets from a seasoned wedding photographer!

Your Choice of Colours

If you have already chosen your colours, that is totally okay. This still applies to you! You would be surprised but there are some colours that flatter EVERYONE more than others. Can you guess what those colours might be? Mint, light blue, light pink, basically anything pastel… These colours have a huge affect on making your environment and bridal party have that light and airy feel. When it comes to your bridal party, specifically the ladies, these colours flow more with bridesmaids dresses and draw more attention to their beautiful faces. But what about the suits you might ask? I mean a mint green suit would be pretty awesome but most of us aren’t marrying leprechauns sooo… I say a dark suit is still amazing but pairing it with a light corsage or tie will… tie into everything else.

Choosing Spaces with LOTS of Natural Light

So here’s the thing, light affects EVERYTHING! Coming from a natural light photographer, the more light the merrier! So when you are picking your venue look at how much natural light there is in the space. Big windows are my best friends and outdoor venues have me swooning. Even when you are choosing your getting ready space check to see what the window situation is like, or should I say light ;)? 

Planning a Timeline

Let me tell you one thing about myself first, I am a firm believer in timelines for wedding days. I know you want everything to be stress free and go with the flow, but in order to get to that point we have to plan so that there isn’t chaos. There are a lot of people needing coordination on your day and you will thank yourself for taking the time to plan.  Time affects where the sun is in the sky and if you want soft natural light choosing a time where the sun is not at high noon for your outdoor ceremony can change the way photos look. I give all my wedding clients a suggested timeline that helps them make those time sensitive decisions. Golden hour only comes once a day so let’s plan to catch that light!

Choosing the Right Photographer

Yup.. I went there! When you are looking at photographers and their work, make sure their work is consistent with the style you are looking for. In this case, these are tips for brides that like the light and airy style. Natural light, natural skin tones, natural colours is what you will get in your images if you choose me. A seasoned natural light photographer knows how to use light well (major props, because it’s hard) and give you the best outcomes in all the situations your wedding day might have.

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