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I will capture your love story from start to finish. From passionate first years of dating, to meeting you again for the engagement session few months before seeing you saying "Yes" for the love of your life.






you're engaged!

First off, I always do happy dances when I see people engaged... even in public… Because well, you found the one you are going to do this crazy thing called life with and there isn't anything more exciting! 

I bet you are dreaming about your wedding day or already have been for a while. Let’s be honest, pinterest had my wedding planned before I even said yes… But I remember also being overwhelmed about all that I had to do when it came to planning the wedding.

Are you wanting to be present for your engagement and enjoy the whole process? Are you feeling like you basically know how you want your wedding day to look and feel, but want more than to just keep pinning and actually start planning? 

Your engagement season is so short compared to how long you will be married and I want you to ENJOY every moment with your fiance before you walk down the aisle. After shooting over 20 weddings I know what it takes to make a wedding day not only run smooth but also be the MOST enjoyable day ever. I am here for you through the whole process to answer any questions you have and then during our time together on your wedding day, I’ll be there to make sure you look like a million dollars, even if I have to give your hair a pep talk.

engagement sessions

let's talk weddings

Wedding days. They are honestly the best.

I mean, I wouldn't be in this industry unless I loved EVERY bit of them. There are so many moving parts to the day but when planned properly your day will be better than you EVER imagined. 

Being a wedding photographer I know that my brides are first off, amazing, because for some reason my clients are ALWAYS unreal…  Having premade guides is my secret sauce for my clients. Timelines, style guides and coffee dates are just a few things I offer to take the stress off of you so you can enjoy your engagement. My brides are always equipped to have the BEST DAY EVER.  

On your wedding day I am there from the moment you put on your dress till you dance the night away with your HUSBAND. Yup, he’s going to be your husband. I will be there to keep you on time, fix that pesky hair, help at least one groomsman smarten up, and take control of stressful situations if they happen. 

My main goal for you on your wedding day is for you to be able to be present and stress free. I want nothing more than your wedding to be #thebestdayever so let’s start the process and make it happen!

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it's your wedding day!

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photo delivery

Once you have read through my website (probably creeped my insta too) and realized that I am THE photographer for you, it’s up to you to fill out the contact form on my website HERE! As soon as I am notified, I will be doing a happy dance and will respond to you within 48 hrs with my availability and pricing!

This is one of my FAVORITE parts of the whole process because I get to meet YOU and there is COFFEE involved. Two of my favorite things! I usually spend about 45 minutes with my couples to hear about their love story and swoon over your ring. BUT also talk about what I have to offer and honestly just get some time to hang out with you! I believe feeling comfortable with your wedding photographer is SUPER important. I mean I will be hanging with you all day so you better not mind my slight goofiness.

This means you BOOKED me for your wedding day so there will be a major dance party and possibly a glass of wine on my part. We will find a place, date and time that works and I will get to show you my super powers with my camera. Engagement sessions are so important because they give you a chance to see how it feels being on the other side of the camera. I also learn the poses that work the best for you two as a couple in preparation for your wedding day.

Over the next couple months to a year I send you helpful blog posts and premade time lines and a couple other surprises to help with the planning process. I will check up on you and see if you need anything but I will ultimately let you or you planner create the magic. I send a detailed list of things I need to know on the wedding day so that I am fully aware of when you are putting on your dress to the must have family photo you want. I am so thankful for the brides that plan their entire days because then I know what is happening and can be on point for you all day!

Whoop Whoop! Today is the day! My batteries are charged, my cards are empty, my bag is packed and I’m ready to capture your day. I have a little pump up session as I’m driving to your getting ready location and then the rest is history! I have NEVER not once, not had a good time!

I will be posting a sneak peek within a day of your wedding day to get you excited and then your photos will be in your hands in LESS THAN 3 WEEKS! Yup, not waiting for months. I get them turned around as soon as possible because I am a firm believer in delivering your photos before the hype ends.

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When you choose me to be you photographer I promise to become a friend through the process and make your wedding day photos be all that you dreamt them to be.

I will help you create a timeline that allows for amazing photos as well as being present with your friends a family! I love love, and being able to capture photos that will last through the ages; that you will be able to show your grand children one day is my dream!

why me for your engagement & wedding?

" I love wedding days because I get to see raw unfiltered love. Two people that are about to start a journey that will change them forever. Marriage is so much more than just a signed paper. It's saying you are my one and only, I can't hide my secrets, I commit myself to your needs above all else. That's marriage. I get to photograph the beginning of that journey of growth and I love it! "

"She captured the essence of what we wanted"

Ben & Gaby

"Thank you for an incredible experience!"

Amias & Aliah

"Right personality allowing for a comfortable session!"