Planning a wedding? Helping plan a wedding? Or just browsing because you will of course be getting married soon? The whole idea of the wedding day stressing you out? Well you have come to the right blog post! I have photographed and helped plan weddings lots! I am here to help and ease the stress by equipping you for a wedding day success! 


Control person? You probably just cringed a bit but hear me out! I can guarantee that you are not the only person that is excited about your wedding day. You mom? Sister? Bestie? There are people that love you and will want to help. I gave my momma the reigns on the room decorations (hiring someone) and my friends mom and flowers at the reception. It was EXTREMELY helpful and less stressful for me on the wedding day because I knew they had it under control. One thing I would recommend is you make a pinterest board and share that with the people you are asking to help so they understand your vision.

Plan Your Order of Events for the Reception

I was the bride that said whatever, the reception isn’t that important we just eat and dance and have fun… This is one of those things I wish I would have planned WAY better. I feel like there were so many important things missed. I didn’t even thank my parents or anyone who helped… Caught up in the moment that I forgot and I felt horrible after. Having something prepared for the reception will not only take the stress off of you but also your MC and you DJ (itunes playlist or not someone has to press play.)

Include Your Photographer in Planning the Timeline! 

When you are planning your day include and ask your photographer what times are best. I provide my clients with a 70 page wedding guide to help them with the planning. As photographers we know when the best light is and what things take longer than others (family formals… herding cats.) I love to do golden hour portraits with my couples so they leave a spot in the receptions where they can sneak away for 20 mins with me to take dreamy photos.

Plan.. Yup I Said it Again

Honestly ladies or gentlemen, this is important. If you are taking a helicopter to the top of a mountain and eloping, first call me, but you don’t need to plan much for that but if you have anyone that is attending you wedding day and have services that are required it  is important to have a game plan for the day. The last thing you want on your wedding day is for people to be calling you and asking where they should be and what they should be doing while your putting on your wedding dress, or doing your first look. Planning can not only help you but those around you! Weddings take a lot of coordinating and I can guarantee you that it is worth it all to plan.

Book, Book, Book

Do you have vendors you have been following and love? Then message them like now, I mean it. Finish my blog first and then call them! There is nothing more stressful than trying to find a vendor when everything is booked up! If you can plan a year in advance that is awesome. Once you have your vendors booked that will allow you to enjoy the planning of decorations and flowers and picking dresses, the fun stuff! Go NOW message those vendors! If you are a FSJ bride check out my guide for vendors HERE.

I hope these few things inspired you to get on it and helped with planning for a successful wedding day! If you haven’t booked a photographer check out my work, I’d love to capture your day 😉

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