“Well Tim, today is the day!!” Jessica said with her hair half done and looking into the camera. “I cannot believe it is here but I am so excited!” All of Jessica’s bridesmaid’s, mother, and friends listened to hear in awe of her and how when she speaks of Tim the joy that is brought out in her. This day was long anticipated by everyone and the realization that “they are getting married” was actually sinking in now. “I cannot wait to see you when I am walking down that aisle, I love you” she finished. This was followed by about 10 ladies all saying, “aww” very loudly and finished with the classic girl giggle.

Spending most of the morning in the bridal suite with the ladies was truly a joy. I don’t think I have ever been a part one where there was much laughter and joy. One of my favorite things to do with the bridesmaids is to do a first look with them seeing the bride with her dress on for the first time. It always makes for the cutest reactions and o man did I ever get them!

The rain didn’t relent all morning even though the weather network promised me it would stop by 2pm… With the wipers on I drove to the Pentecostal’s of Fort St. John Church and I am not going to lie, this church is probably the most classy, modern and stylin’ church in town. It is basically a photographers dream. Jessica and Tim are the first couple to get married at their new building and you could tell that the congregation was excited because it was packed on their wedding day!

Tim & Jessica are truly in love with each other and are also truly in love with God. Their ceremony had a focus on always loving and serving each other and God, and of course that makes my heart happy because I am in total agreement with that. Sometimes it is hard to talk about religion in blogs because it might rub people the wrong way but with Tim & Jessica’s wedding there is no way that you can’t talk about God. “These two are a power couple for God,” the pastor said during the ceremony. They also had their church elders surround them in prayer and finished the ceremony with a foot washing. Serving, loving God, and loving others; these two are already off to an amazing start.

After our rainy portrait session we went back to the church and had the reception. It was honestly like a big family dinner. Long tables, AMAZING food, and lots of laughter. Jessica and Tim you guys win for the best food at a wedding so far 😉 My favorite part of the wedding is listening to the speeches because you get even more insight into the couple. Jessica and Tim are surrounded by some pretty amazing people and it is so encouraging knowing that they have a community that will love and support them through their marriage journey!

Tim & Jessica, thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer. I feel like I became a friend to you both through the process. All the messaging and encouragement made for a pretty amazing wedding day! Although it was raining we made the most of it and I am so excited to see what God has in store for you both <3

Venue: The Pentacostals of Fort St. John Church

Florist: Safeway

Invitations: Minted

Suits: Edwards Factory Outlet

Videographer : Tyra E Photography & Film

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Bruce walked down the aisle with his children by his side and stood at the front. Then, as Sunelle rounded the corner with her children at her side, their faces lit up as they saw each other for the first time. As they met at the end of the aisle the pastor said that Bruce and Sunelle had a few words to say before the ceremony started. Their children turned and faced them and B & S told each child how much they meant to them and that with this new beginning they wanted their house to be a place where they felt safe and comfortable. Their family started with two parents knowing the change would be a challenge but the importance of having a mother and father as an example, together , far outweighed that.

When I heard about Bruce and Sunelle getting married I immediately needed to write them and encourage them in the choice that they made. They both come from broken relationships and both have children but fell in love with each other and wanted to start new. This is what happened in my family. My parents divorced when I was 2 and my dad got remarried when I was 6. My step mom has 2 daughters and my brother and I with my dad. I would say that seeing my parents marriage (Dad and Step-mom) growing up had a profoundly positive impact on my own decision and feeling about marriage. I lived between houses and when I went back to Dad’s there was this feeling of safety from having a family unit as opposed to being at my Mom’s. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Mom and she had a huge impact on who I am today as well but we are talking about marriage here. I had to write Bruce and Sunelle because they needed to know what they were doing would be hard but the best decisions not only for them but for their family!

B&S had a beautiful small ceremony surrounded by those people who love them the most and that have been there to support them through the thick and thin. This was one of those weddings for me that I had to hold back tears because I could resonate so much with what was happening. My heart was so full being able to capture this new amazing beginning. After the ceremony we had some alone portraits and then family portraits. There were so many laughs and good memories being created! All the kids were having a blast together and it was so great having them laughing and running around.

The evening was spent at the Mighty Peace Brewing Co. This place is a MUST go to if you are in town. They had amazing service and even more amazing food. It is the perfect place to host a small event and enjoy having people close to you. Everyone had a good time being with each other and eating, drinking and dancing. The dance party was definitely one of the best ones I have been to because all the kids were having a blast and bringing the hype.

Bruce and Sunelle, I love that you both chose each other to do life together and that your goal is to cultivate a family that has a Godly foundation. You will see the fruit in the future and I am so thankful that you allowed me to capture your special day <3

Reception: Mighty Peace Brewing Co.

Florist: Ms. B’s Cut Flower Specialties

Dress: Banana Republic

Makeup: Make Up by Dyaln Piper

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