The year was 2012 and it was a big year for me because I was graduating! O no I just aged myself… Some of you are like girl you’re just a baby but, hey, I rock it for being my age okay 😉 My high school year looked a lot different from most 17-year old’s. While my friends were in class texting under their desks, I was at home in my pajamas doing my school work online. Yup… I was home schooled but I was definitely on the cooler spectrum of things okay! I only did grade 10,11 and 12 online. My grade 12 year I lived alone and worked full time at Shopper’s drug mart (told you I was cool). My parents are missionaries in Guatemala and I didn’t really want to spend any more time there so they gave me the option of staying home and I did. I mean most of my friends envied me but it was a lonely year for sure. I ate a lot of nachos and salsa and I honestly don’t know what happened to the money I made haha…. probably food.  After, I graduated, 4 months early, I went and worked at a summer camp and then I was off to Australia for a year. That is a whole other story in itself but there is a look into what my grade 12 year was like.

I got a prom request in my inbox in December of 2017 from Hannah and I was like, I like this one she getting her basis covered! I recently ask Hannah if she would be up for doing another shoot with me to show herself now, a year after she graduated. Hannah went to John Casablanca’s Institute for make up artistry and is such a talented woman. Hannah spent the year in Vancouver doing a 2 hour commute to school during the week and is so happy to be home. It is always encouraging to hear that someone loves this small town as much as I do. It is such a transient town that it is rare that people stay. Hannah has started her own small business as well called Fine Line Beauty and I would totally recommend her for all your make up needs. This girl is here to stay and is truly a girl you should get to know.

On the day of the shoot it decided to rain right when we where going to do our session… great. It is nice living in a place that doesn’t have a ton of mountains because you can see where the clouds are so we went for a bit of a drive a found a dry dirt road. One thing that has truly given me the confidence to shoot where ever is educating myself in photography technique. I invested in some courses through Amy and Jordan and it had taken my shooting to a new level. I can confidently go into any place and shoot amazing photos. It has helped me realize that have a nice background is a bonus but the subjects are the most important thing in the photos and if they look great then you are good to go! My friend Anita also tagged along and helped me with hold a reflector because it was so overcast. Hannah was a trooper and changed on the side of the road and did her make up in the car mirror. CHAMP!

I wanted to take these photos to show how much someone can grow after a year and how chasing your dreams isn’t impossible or crazy! I mean look at Hannah, she is doing what she dreamt of doing. So proud of this girl and I was so happy to work with her again!

Make up: Fine Line Beauty

Dress: Tres Chic Edmonton

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